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Symptoms of Vein Disease

Most people with vein disease frequently complain of discomfort in their calves and ankles, no matter if the vein problems are cause by obstruction, malfunctioning of the valve, or varicose veins. Other vein disease symptoms are more wide ranging. Mild symptoms commonly experienced by patients are swelling, itchiness, burning, and irritation, a heavy or tired feeling in the leg, aches, and restless legs. Other symptoms a patient might encounter are more severe, such as swollen legs and ankles, discoloration, ulcers, rash, deep vein thrombosis, clotting, and bleeding.

At first glance, varicose veins seem like a purely cosmetic concern, but they are typically the warning sign of a more serious medical condition. Fortunately today, insurance companies are more frequently recognizing that varicosity treatments are a medical necessity and important in easing the symptoms of vein disease.

Additionally, there is a particular disorder that primarily affects younger women who have experienced three or more pregnancies (although men and other women may also be affected) called pelvic congestion syndrome. Patients with this condition often complain of aching and throbbing sensations in the pelvic floor, spasms in the bladder or rectum, or pain after intercourse. Although these symptoms appear worrisome, they are highly treatable.


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