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An Omaha Varicose Vein Doctor on Varicose Veins and Running

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Omaha varicose vein doctorVaricose veins are caused by the inability of one-way valves in the veins to pump blood upward and back to the heart. Strong calf muscles help to facilitate blood flow and improve circulation, reducing the symptoms of pain and swelling that many people with varicose veins experience. Our Omaha varicose vein doctor advises patients to exercise regularly and to focus on exercises that will make the calf muscles stronger. Walking is considered by most to be the top exercise for helping varicose veins but bicycling, using elliptical machines, and swimming are also recommended. When it comes to evaluating the benefits of running, the verdict is a little less definitive.

Recommendations to Runners by our Omaha Varicose Vein Doctor

Some devoted runners are surprised when they begin experiencing vein disease symptoms in spite of their athleticism. Running is a higher impact exercise than walking, causing more blood to be pumped to the legs to deliver more oxygen to the muscles. The problem is that more blood also needs to be pumped back to the heart once the oxygen is depleted. This is why many runners find that their legs feel good while they are running but begin to hurt and swell soon after. To alleviate or prevent these symptoms, most of the best varicose vein doctors in Omaha recommend wearing compression socks while running and suggest elevating feet afterwards to prevent blood from pooling in the legs.

When to Consider Varicose Vein Treatment in Omaha

If you are looking for methods of exercise to prevent varicose vein progression, running is probably not the best choice. If you want to continue running without suffering the consequences afterwards, the best approach is to ask an Omaha varicose vein doctor about available treatment options. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle is a skilled and experienced vascular surgeon who has helped many patients improve their quality of life by treating their varicose veins. Call 402-298-5740 or go online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Whittle and go back to enjoying your favorite activities without pain.



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