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Patient Stories

“The entire procedure was almost painless and I could continually see progress. I am very happy with the way I was treated by Dr. Whittle and his staff”.

From: Janice S.
Subject: Great Team

I just wanted to pass on a compliment about my visit yesterday.  I was having a horrible day and the staff was very caring and concerned when I came in looking obviously upset.  Was asked if there was anything more that could be done by someone in the office to make me feel better, i told them that my legs hurtr…during my ultrasound, conversation helped me feel more relaxed and helped me forget the events that happened earlier that day.  While scheduling my next appointment, was asked how I was doing.  I thought maybe the rest of the staff was told that I was upset, but the scheduler said she always asks that question – seemed genuine and caring.  It was a nice change from other clinics I have received care from.


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