Consequences - Swollen Ankles, Discolored, Achy Legs - We Can Help!

Consequences of Vein Disease

People with symptomatic vein disease usually cope with their symptoms until they worsen, become unbearable, and may have progressed into a more health threatening illness. Many patients do not seek treatment until knee surgery is unavoidable, they suffered a stroke in one of their limbs, or their skin begins to tear from the stresses of a swollen ankle.

Usual consequences of untreated vein disease include:

  • • Leg pain
  • • Inflammation of veins (phlebitis)
  • • Skin discolorations
  • • Burning sensations
  • • Bleeding
  • • Blood clots
  • • Ulcers

Our dedicated team at Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute pledges to provide you with outstanding service and education for the prevention, management and treatment of your vein disorder. We focus on comprehensive and thorough care for all of your vein needs. Our professional team excels in providing the most advanced medical treatments available to treat your condition, improve the appearance of your legs, and work to prevent more life threatening medical conditions.



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