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Surface Sclerotherapy


At Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute, the varicose and spider veins experts, we make use of the most medically advanced vein treatment and screening techniques available to manage and improve your veins. As one of the top therapies in vein care, we offer Injection Sclerotherapy. This method is commonly used to treat spider veins, but it is also effective in treating varicose veins.

During this procedure, a vein specialist will insert a chemical solution called a sclerosant into the diseased vein by route of a very small needle. The solution works by irritating the injected vein without harming any of the other veins around it. The walls of the irritated vein become sticky and eventually collapse. Over a period of a few weeks or months, depending on the size of the diseased veins, the body will reabsorb the veins and reroute blood flow to healthier veins. Sclerotherapy is highly effective and can cover large areas of the leg in a single session, but it several injections may be necessary for larger veins to disappear. Several treatment sessions are often required to fully alleviate spider veins in most patients.



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