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A Varicose Vein Doctor in Omaha on Veins and Exercise

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Varicose vein doctor in OmahaFor sufferers of varicose veins, improving the circulation of blood through the calves is essential to improving their condition. While some exercises can help to accomplish this, others can actually make the varicose veins worse. Overall physical fitness does not guarantee a healthy vascular system. Even athletes who are in excellent physical condition can develop varicose veins and other types of vein disease. Varicose veins occur when the one-way valves in the calves stop working properly and allow blood to pool in the vein. This leads to damage to the vein that may or may not be visible. The right exercise can improve circulation and lead blood upward towards the heart. Just ask our leading varicose vein doctor in Omaha!

Reasons to see a varicose vein doctor in Omaha before you start an exercise program

The best varicose vein doctor in Omaha will tell you that walking is the best exercise for varicose veins. It is low impact and targets the calves to increase blood flow in this significant area. During severe weather when it is difficult to get enough exercise outdoors, an elliptical or stationary bike can be used indoors. Running and bicycling can also be beneficial if they are done on a somewhat flexible surface to reduce the impact on the joints. Strenuous exercise like weightlifting can have the opposite impact. The pressure caused by the weights prevents the blood from flowing back to the heart, leading to increased pooling or reflux of blood in the legs.

How exercise can complement varicose vein treatment in Omaha

All people with vein disease do not have the same degree of symptoms. Some have no or mild symptoms while others suffer from debilitating pain and swelling. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle is a vein expert in Omaha who works with the individual patient to determine the best approach to treatment. Call us at 402-298-5740 or go online if you have questions about varicose vein treatment or to schedule your appointment for a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.



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