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Non-invasive Vascular Testing

Today, noninvasive vascular testing allows Vascular specialists to examine a patient more thoroughly to determine the severity of a problem, and to better direct the treatment of their condition. By use of Doppler ultrasound techniques, we can now give a patient the independence to learn about their specific situation free from the risks and discomforts of injections and/or other invasive procedures.

At Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute, a vein disease treatment expert, a wide range of noninvasive testing is available in our Vascular Laboratory including tests for:

  • • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): a condition that can lead to pulmonary embolis and sudden death due to a blood clot in a vein migrating to the lungs.
  • • Chronic Venous Insufficiency: a condition that can lead to varicose veins and skin ulcers at the calf or ankle.
  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
  • • Superficial Thrombophlebitis: Painful inflammation of superficial veins often associated with clot.
  • • Abdominal Aorta or Iliac Artery Aneurysm: A bulge or weakness in the wall of the artery which may lead to rupture and can be life threatening.
  • • Renal Artery Disease: circulatory disorder creating blockage to kidney arteries can lead to kidney failure and the need for dialysis
  • • Carotid Stenosis: Blockage of neck artery responsible for stroke
  • • Atherosclerosis of the arteries (occlusions and stenoses) in the legs or arms which may lead to limb loss or amputation

Our Registered Vascular Technician’s tests include:

  • • Upright and suprine venous duplex exams of the lower extremities
  • • Venous duplex exams of the upper extremities
  • • Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound for assessment of iliac veins and ovarian veins
  • • Upper and lower extremity arterial duplex exams
  • • Arterial duplex exams of the abdominal aorta, iliac, and renal arteries
  • • Ankle brachial indices
  • • Carotid duplex exams
  • • Duplex examination of bypass grafts and arteriiovenous fistulas
  • • Transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound

The Non-invasive Vascular Laboratory at Heartland Vein and Vascular Institute is one of the key components of our Center. These tests allow diagnoses of almost all known or suspected vascular disorders.



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