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A Vein Expert in Omaha Offers Basic Vein Disease Info

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Vein expert in OmahaSome people don’t know anything about vein disease when they experience the first tale-tell signs of spider veins on their cheeks or the increasingly obvious bulges of varicose veins. Conditions that cause symptoms without visible signs at the surface can make it even more difficult to make the connection to vein disease. A good rule of thumb is to see a vein expert in Omaha any time you have visible changes to the veins in your legs or you experience pain or swelling in the lower legs or ankles. Not all types of vein disease occur at the surface and those like deep vein thrombosis that occur in deep veins can be dangerous.

Why you should see a vein expert in Omaha for a diagnosis

The first step most people take when they have symptoms they are unsure of is to ask their primary care physician about potential causes. If your doctor is not concerned about the appearance of spider veins or varicose veins, he/she may not refer you to a specialist. What is important for you to know is that the symptoms you are experiencing may be a sign of something more serious that is happening below the surface of the skin. The vein expert in Omaha uses special ultrasound equipment to look at the deep veins and determine how well they are functioning. His extensive education and experience in the vascular system gives him the skills needed to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions of the vascular system.

What varicose vein treatment in Omaha could mean for you

Another important basic fact about vein disease is that it doesn’t go away by itself and it will probably continue to get worse. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle is a varicose vein treatment doctor in Omaha who uses minimally invasive treatments at the vein center to eliminate diseased veins permanently. Call us at 402-298-5740 or go online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Whittle and find out what your symptoms mean and learn more about your options for treatment.



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