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A Vein Expert in Omaha on How Vein Disease Can Keep You from the Things You Love

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Vein expert in OmahaWhen people who suffer from vein disease symptoms make the choice not to get varicose vein treatment from a vein expert in Omaha, it may be for any of a number of reasons. Initially, they may believe their condition is only cosmetic. Some people don’t realize that their health insurance may pay for their vein treatment because it is a genuine health condition. Others are afraid of a treatment that they are unfamiliar with and the potential impact that it will have on their lifestyle. What they do not realize is that the symptoms of vein disease can gradually become worse to the point that they are unable to enjoy the things they have always been able to do before.

The most important reasons to see a vein expert in Omaha

The most common symptoms of vein disease include swelling of the ankles and legs, pain or a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and fatigue. Standing or sitting for long periods may exacerbate symptoms, taking the joy out of many types of events. Simple things like going to the movies with your family or standing up at an outdoor concert may cause pain that overrides the joy. Sacrificing the things you love is unnecessary in most people’s cases. The treatments available from an Omaha varicose vein doctor are minimally invasive, so they produce virtually no pain and they require minimal recovery time. In addition, most types of health insurance cover vein treatment today.

The argument for varicose vein treatment in Omaha

Vein disease can keep you from the things you love if you allow it to take over your life. Our vein expert in Omaha offers a better alternative. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle is an experienced vascular surgeon who performs a variety of modern vein treatments to address the different needs of his patients. Give us a call at 402-298-5740 or go online to schedule an appointment and learn your options for eliminating your symptoms and getting back to the things you love.



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